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Dairy-Free and Delicious: Vegan Peanut Butter Soft Serve from Toy Joy

I have alluded to this stuff in several of my previous blog posts. If you’ve lived in Austin for awhile and still haven’t been to Toy Joy on the Drag, then you should start planning a weekend trip. This place is probably the grandest and wildest toy store for children and adults (minus “adult” toys). It’s like the mother ship of toy stores with everything from vintage robots to rubber snakes to Playmobile to Uglydolls. But it’s more than just toys: they sell unique and interesting journals, books, mugs, band aids, fake moustaches, and home decor; it’s beautiful. They even offer free gift-wrapping services with the coolest and most awesome wrapping paper so that you always know when a gift has come from Toy Joy.

As if indulging yourself in the world of toys wasn’t enough, Toy Joy opened its own version of Candy Land next door. The candy/coffee shop used to be Dhaba Joy, which was solely a coffee shop and vegan bakery that also served vegan soft serve made out of oatscreme. It was pretty flavorless and they only served classic chocolate and vanilla.

Before I had a chance to go back for a second tasting, the Dhaba Joy had completely changed and Toy Joy took over by covering the walls, ceilings, and floors with more toys and candy. No more baked goodies, but the soft serve options are even better. They always serve vanilla, but the second flavor changes every week. Last week it was strawberry and this week, peanut butter. Yummo. They also post the flavor of the week on their Web site. Continue reading



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