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Starting My Own Little Kolache Factory

I’ve been traveling a lot lately from Austin to the Dallas area between my brother getting married, Kyle having shows there, and just good old visits to see the family. The drive really isn’t too bad, not much to see unless you want to make a pit stop for some Robertson’s Real Beef Jerkey or genuine Czech kolaches from the Little Czech Bakery in West.

I always stop in West. There is just something about a warm kolache made with real sweet and cinnamon-y fruit puree or perfectly seasoned jalapeno sausage. Then there is the beer bread – a dense, buttery loaf that is too heavy and crumbly to toast or even slice. I usually eat it straight out of the bag with my hands, maybe with some peanut butter kind of lumped on top.

Stopping at the Little Czech Bakery has become sort of a tradition for me and … myself, I guess. But more often than not, the place is packed with travelers who have stopped because of a word-of-mouth recommendation and it usually takes 20 to 3o minutes to get in and out because it’s always hard to decide which of the sweet, fruit-filled, and cream-cheesy kolaches to order. I’m a quick one – I’ll take a cherry, apricot, and lemon, warmed up and with a bag of beer bread on the side. Heck yes.

We have a few little kolache places here in Austin, and I like some of their breakfast kolaches even better than what they have at the Little Czech Bakery. Most of the bakery’s savory kolaches are really heavy on the meat, but I really dig on the breakfast ones with egg and cheese. The Kolache Factory makes a great egg and cheese kolache in whole wheat dough as well as one made with spinach and Swiss cheese. But I haven’t found any fruit kolaches in Austin that quite compare. So in an effort to fill my fruit kolache fix, I decided to open my own little kolache factory. Continue reading


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