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Puppy’s First Haircut (and more)

I can’t believe it actually happened … Simon got groomed today for the very first time. My sweet, small, puffy poodle has been deflated into a regular-looking squeamish little thing. We kept his head fluffy, though; we were going for that canine Fozzie the Bear sort of look. I was a bit sad at first about the whole ordeal, but I had been keeping him fluffy for selfish reasons, mostly because I like how he doesn’t look like a dolled-up poodle with all that hair, his hair is just so soft, and I kind of like it when it starts to dread up. But Simon doesn’t really care about all that. He was actually drowning in all that hot fur. He just wants to cool off in this summer heat, so that means shaving him down to a wee little thing. Sigh.

But the good thing is that he looks amazingly adorable now. Kyle met a really kind and experienced vet tech when we took him in for his booster shots last weekend. She is a really sweet woman who goes by the name of C.C. and loves dogs and riding Harleys. We also really like her because she automatically fell in love with Simon and his unique markings. She told Kyle all about the 20 years she spent as a groomer and a vet tech, so we decided to take Simon to see her for a haircut and all the other things puppies get when they get groomed. It wasn’t too dramatic, trying to part with all of the hair, but I just kept telling myself that he will love me for this. I dropped him off and when I returned two and a half hours later I could have sworn I had a new puppy. She kept his soft fur about an inch off his skin and only shaved his nose and around his eyes, so now we can actually see that he has eyes. And, boy, are his eyes big! So round and angelic. But no more dreads and no more ear and paw hair. C.C. is a genius.

Check out some “before” shots of Simon.


Simon "After" Shot

I still can’t believe that we made it home with such a wonderful dog.


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