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Austin Old Pecan Street Festival: A Weekend of Art, Crafts, and Fair Food

The Austin Old Pecan Street Festival is a free, bi-annual arts and crafts fair showcasing hundreds of Texas artists, charity groups, food vendors, and musicians on Sixth Street. So why isn’t is called the “Sixth Street Festival?” That’s because back in the early days when the street plans for the city were laid out, the east-west streets were named after trees. Eventually numbers replaced the street names, and festival goers have continued to celebrate and honor the street’s original name and the core of Austin’s live music scene for more than 30 years.

Vendors at the Pecan Street Festival

Vendors at the Pecan Street Festival

The city puts on the festival in the fall and the spring, and I usually attend one of the events each year. Last weekend I took poodle and we waltzed around the street vendors and music, drenched in heat and sweat (a typical Texas fall). While the tents full of tie-dye t-shirts and custom-fitted toe rings were intriguing and delightful to see, the fair food and fresh-squeezed lemonade were where it was at. Continue reading


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