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Six Good Reasons to Love a Vegan

I am not a vegan. I have flirted with the idea and I know a lot of hardcore meaters who used to be vegan, but the decision to cut out meat products entirely from one’s lifestyle should be a personal decision on it’s own.

My main motivation to go vegan would be the health benefits. All that really means is cutting out the opportunities to eat stuff that makes me fat like ice cream, grilled cheese, donuts, and cake balls. However, I’ve read a lot about vitamin and mineral deficiencies in poorly planned vegan diets, which sounds not so healthy.

So, because I am not a very good meal planner and I have a serious affection for cheese and eggs, I continue to eat animal products and wear leather while loving every second of it. Continue reading



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Gourdough’s: The Fattest Donuts in Town

I’m having an affair and it’s with a bunch of donuts. Don’t worry about my boyfriend; he knows all about it. In fact, he’s having the exact same affair. We’ve both found the second love of our lives: its name is Gourdough’s and it lives in an Airstream trailer off South Lamar.

Gourdough's Donuts

Gourdough's Donuts

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