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Introducing Bird Fly Good

… the magazine.

My lovely readers –

For a few short months I’ve been writing primarily about Austin, food, my poodle, and being crafty. Bird Fly Good has been a fun avenue for expressing how much I love this great city and writing in general.

As previously mentioned in recent blog posts, I’ve started a small press and magazine called Bird Fly Good in which I hope to publish small runs of poetry. The inspiration behind the project is, again, Austin and making books.

Bird Fly Good will continue to exist in small press form and I encourage and ask you all to continue following and reading the new blog where I will be solely focused on writing about poetry and the small press realm.

I will eventually start another personal blog where I will document, report on, and obsess over things, much like what has happened here over the last few months.

Thanks, again. Bird Fly Good promises to continue loving you from elsewhere.





birdflygood [dot] com


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Resolutions: Because Everyone Else Is Doing It

Where has my blogging life been? Nonexistent. I’ve been swamped with other duties including holiday dinners, transitioning to a somewhat-vegan diet, and figuring out what 2010 is going to be all about. I’ve also been trying to figure out how to stay warm. Texans aren’t used to such wind chills and 37 degree highs. I’ll be damned if I move to any cold weather climate and have to stay there.

I’d become a marshmallow. This is me on a wintery day in Austin with a snow flake, circa 2007:

Onto the resolutions:

In the past, I’ve simply made the resolutions, completely forgotten about them, and spent the month of December trying to remember what the old resolutions were before I attempt to set new ones for the following year. It’s a vicious cycle. Continue reading


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Why Bird Fly Good Is Excited About the Austin Bleet-Up

If you’re an Austin blogger, you’ve probably already heard about the Austin Bleet-Up, tomorrow at 8:30 p.m. at the Mohawk. Heck, if you’re on the Internet you’ve probably heard about it by now.


As someone new to the Austin blogosphere, I think the Austin Bleet-Up would be a great opportunity to get out from under this rock that’s a computer screen and the World Wide Web to meet my fellow Austin bloggers. You, blogger and blog reader who live in Austin, should do the same and here’s why:

– Because drinking and eating are fun, especially when it’s free. Mama Fu’s is providing the free eats and Sweet Leaf and Tito’s vodka are providing the free cocktails. What a team.

– Shopping is always fun and it may be even more fun on the Mohawk balcony full of bloggers. Check out pop-up shops by Prototype Vintage and Rene Geneva Designs.

– I’ve never even been to a silent auction! The Bleet-Up is having one benefiting Girls Rock Camp for a guitar signed by Debbie Harry. Nice.

– Free Lonestar provided by Bird’s Barbershop and a Cory Ryan photo booth make me nervous AND excited about the entire thing.

– Fun Fun Fun Fest ticket giveaway! RSVP to enter!

– Music! Austin Eavesdropper has coordinated this entire event and put together a great line-up for the night:

Learning Secrets DJ’s @ 8:30 in the Green Room

Outside Stage:

The Lennings @ 9:45
Built By Snow @ 10:30
Corto Maltese @ 11:15

Inside Stage:

Politics @ 9:45
Sad Accordions @ 10:45
The Great Nostalgic @ 11:45

In addition to all the music, booze, and excitement, I think I am most jazzed about meeting more bloggers. We’ve gotten to know each other only a little through Twitter, Facebook, and the magical blogosphere. Now it’s time to put blogs to faces and have a good time doing so.

There is still time to RSVP to the Austin Bleet-Up, but do it now because RSVPs will close when they hit capacity. Tickets are $7 at the door.


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Bookmaking with The WonderCraft Part 3/3: Book Binding

Our final class in The WonderCraft bookmaking series was all about bookbinding and different spine stitches. We focused on the Japanese side stitch and coptic binding, which sounds really fancy because it’s really difficult at first.

The Japanese side stitch, also called “stab binding,” is very simple and can be modified to make really elaborate and intricate spine patterns. I’m not going to write out the instructions because diagrams are usually more helpful. Check out this wonderful wikibook for detailed instructions. All you need for this style of binding is a needle, thread, and something to punch holes with.

The Japanese side stitch is very sturdy, but prevents the book from opening too far. This makes it difficult to write or draw on the pages after the spine has already been stitched.



Coptic binding was a lot more difficult because the stitching process was slightly more complex, but it gets easier with more practice and repetition. You have to sew on each signature, which is just each section of paper, individually to the covers. For coptic binding you just need your covers, paper, thread, a curved needle, and a 1/8” hole punch. Here is a remarkable tutorial on coptic binding, or the “single needle chain stitch.”

I really like this style of stitching because it allows the book to lay down flat, making it easier to write or draw on the pages.

coptic stitch

coptic binding

Sign up for the next round of bookmaking classes or learn about other wonderful classes offered by The WonderCraft.


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Bookmaking with The WonderCraft Part 2/3: The Flag Book

This week in Part 2 of The WonderCraft bookmaking series we made flag books. These gorgeous art books serve as wonderful centerpieces for a coffee table or an interesting wall hanging. I especially love making these books because it’s a great way to make use of old art cards or greeting cards. Continue reading

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Second Annual Dogtoberfest at the Domain – Saturday 10/24

I’m posting this a wee bit late, but if you were planning on being a couch potato tomorrow morning/early afternoon with your dog, scratch that plan and go to Dogtoberfest at the Domain from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sure this may seem like a family fun-filled event, but really it’s a chance to oogle at cute dogs and puppies.


The event is free, but all proceeds from food and activities go to Austin area dog rescue groups.

Activities include a costume contest, grooming demonstrations by Groomingdales, dog portraits in the Neiman Marcus dog photo booth (what they hay?), a silent auction, and much more.

Now as for Simon’s costume, we were thinking of letting him go as a few different things – a panda bear, Snoopy, or a sausage – and entering him in the cutest/most versatile costume category. Which do you think?




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Six Good Reasons to Love a Vegan

I am not a vegan. I have flirted with the idea and I know a lot of hardcore meaters who used to be vegan, but the decision to cut out meat products entirely from one’s lifestyle should be a personal decision on it’s own.

My main motivation to go vegan would be the health benefits. All that really means is cutting out the opportunities to eat stuff that makes me fat like ice cream, grilled cheese, donuts, and cake balls. However, I’ve read a lot about vitamin and mineral deficiencies in poorly planned vegan diets, which sounds not so healthy.

So, because I am not a very good meal planner and I have a serious affection for cheese and eggs, I continue to eat animal products and wear leather while loving every second of it. Continue reading


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