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Obsessed with Type and Jessica Hische’s Daily Drop Caps

I wish I was more artistic. More creative. I wish I had the ability to make stuff like my own clothes or household knick-knacks, or even the talent to paint a decent picture.

I use words instead. Words and paper.

According to 2010 New Year’s Resolution No. 1, I’m going to be making a fat collection of words on paper with the first issue of Bird Fly Good, a new journal of poetry with work from some of my favorite poets from Austin and elsewhere. I’ll be putting some of my snazzy new bookbinding skills to the test, and my dear friend and talented designer Katie Daly will be busting out the design for the cover. Continue reading


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For Those Hungry for More Poetry

(As if the news wasn’t enough.)

I’m becoming more enveloped in reading poetry these days.

My reading and writing alternate with the seasons, perhaps, and these days I’m beginning to enter a new period of furiously searching, finding, and falling in love with new poets.

I have the Internet to thank for this obsession. I simply have to open a browser, go to only one or two of my frequented poetry blogs, and the witch hunt begins.

I click and bounce from blog to blog, site to site, promoting and oozing with poetry. Continue reading


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Resolutions: Because Everyone Else Is Doing It

Where has my blogging life been? Nonexistent. I’ve been swamped with other duties including holiday dinners, transitioning to a somewhat-vegan diet, and figuring out what 2010 is going to be all about. I’ve also been trying to figure out how to stay warm. Texans aren’t used to such wind chills and 37 degree highs. I’ll be damned if I move to any cold weather climate and have to stay there.

I’d become a marshmallow. This is me on a wintery day in Austin with a snow flake, circa 2007:

Onto the resolutions:

In the past, I’ve simply made the resolutions, completely forgotten about them, and spent the month of December trying to remember what the old resolutions were before I attempt to set new ones for the following year. It’s a vicious cycle. Continue reading


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Bad Blogger, Bad

I haven’t been the best of bloggers over the last few days. But I’m sure you’re still getting all your daily tid-bits and what-nots from bloggers who are more on top of things.

Until I decide to get my own what-nots back in order (only a few more days now, I’m sure), I’d like to share a recent blog discovery:

Enter cats.

Web sites full of pictures of cats doing incredibly cute or awkward things with funny captions and strange misspellings attached are starting to make a splash. Take LOLcatz or or I Can Haz Cheeszburger. All great online sources of laughter and hilarity.

None of these sites are the actual new discovery, but proof of the captioned cat photo trend. The latest is “Cute Captioned Cats” – a blog written by a 10-year-old kid about funny pictures, not just photos, of cats.

I’m digging this blog a lot and I hope the young blogger will continue to make me laugh and hyperventilate with laughter by writing cute captions for cats.


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Why Bird Fly Good Is Excited About the Austin Bleet-Up

If you’re an Austin blogger, you’ve probably already heard about the Austin Bleet-Up, tomorrow at 8:30 p.m. at the Mohawk. Heck, if you’re on the Internet you’ve probably heard about it by now.


As someone new to the Austin blogosphere, I think the Austin Bleet-Up would be a great opportunity to get out from under this rock that’s a computer screen and the World Wide Web to meet my fellow Austin bloggers. You, blogger and blog reader who live in Austin, should do the same and here’s why:

– Because drinking and eating are fun, especially when it’s free. Mama Fu’s is providing the free eats and Sweet Leaf and Tito’s vodka are providing the free cocktails. What a team.

– Shopping is always fun and it may be even more fun on the Mohawk balcony full of bloggers. Check out pop-up shops by Prototype Vintage and Rene Geneva Designs.

– I’ve never even been to a silent auction! The Bleet-Up is having one benefiting Girls Rock Camp for a guitar signed by Debbie Harry. Nice.

– Free Lonestar provided by Bird’s Barbershop and a Cory Ryan photo booth make me nervous AND excited about the entire thing.

– Fun Fun Fun Fest ticket giveaway! RSVP to enter!

– Music! Austin Eavesdropper has coordinated this entire event and put together a great line-up for the night:

Learning Secrets DJ’s @ 8:30 in the Green Room

Outside Stage:

The Lennings @ 9:45
Built By Snow @ 10:30
Corto Maltese @ 11:15

Inside Stage:

Politics @ 9:45
Sad Accordions @ 10:45
The Great Nostalgic @ 11:45

In addition to all the music, booze, and excitement, I think I am most jazzed about meeting more bloggers. We’ve gotten to know each other only a little through Twitter, Facebook, and the magical blogosphere. Now it’s time to put blogs to faces and have a good time doing so.

There is still time to RSVP to the Austin Bleet-Up, but do it now because RSVPs will close when they hit capacity. Tickets are $7 at the door.


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It’s Never Too Early for a Redesign

I realize that I am new to this whole blogging thing. But I’ve been doing my research, reading blogs about blogging, and I think I’ve learned a thing or two. It turns out I’ve been doing some things right, but just as many things wrong like with the design of my blog. So I’m opting for a redesign and here’s why:

Readability. When I first started this thing, it was very tempting to choose a snazzy looking theme for my blog. I wanted bright colors, cool graphics, and lots and lots of stuff on the page. But, as a reader, all of these elements aren’t the most inviting. I ended up choosing what we have all been looking at for the last month, and that was a simple black background with a light-colored font. The designer in me thought this looked good and inviting for readers when it really just strains the eyes. We aren’t used to reading this way. In fact, we are used to the exact opposite: white background with black font. Now I look back at all the blogs I read on a regular basis (check out my blogroll) and notice that they all have simple backgrounds, an easy-to-read layout, and a friendly typeface.

So, because you are the one reading Bird Fly Good and I care about what you think, comment and tell me how you want to read it. Do you prefer reading the white text on the retro black, or something simpler like this clean and easy background with black font and bold lines? I think my eyes are partial to the new look …


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