About Bird Fly Good

“Bird Fly Good One Time” is the actual phrase and no, I have no idea what it means. I think that’s what’s so nice about it.

I first found the phrase spray painted in the bicycle lane as I was riding my bike through Alaska along the ALCAN Highway. For three days I kept seeing this message in bright orange paint and I was completely mystified because I couldn’t figure out what it meant. I’ve come to realize that “bird fly good one time” doesn’t really mean anything. It’s catchy, awkward, and something I use when I can’t think of a name for something, like a blog.

So, this is Bird Fly Good, a general-purpose blog about Austin and writing.

Header photo by Geoff Duncan Photography.


2 responses to “About Bird Fly Good

  1. Deputy Dan

    I, too, recall the ‘bird fly good’ notes left along the way. A magical time that was.

  2. Birdie fly really good with her writing- love you!

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