Dear, Charley Harper

Charley Harper (August 4, 1922 – June 10, 2007) was a child. More like a grown-man child who created the illuminating illustrations that wore the covers and insides of textbooks, magazines, and posters in the mid-twentieth century.

No matter the work, his geometric style and minimalism bring me back to childhood, back when a single intricate shape or color would astound me, grapple my attention, and keep me wanting more.

Last Christmas I received one of the best gifts from my sister. It was the gift of imagination. The gift of my youth. The gift of more than 400 page of beating art in a big fat coffee table book. It was Charley Harper in a box.

charley harperI love his images of natural settings.

charley harper

I love all of his images of animals.

charley harper

I also love his images of people with animals.

charley harper

And I equally love the more morbid images of animals.

More info about Charley and images for your viewing pleasure.



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3 responses to “Dear, Charley Harper

  1. corysown

    I had never heard of Charley Harper, but his work looks totally awesome. Amazon has the softcover version for $32 and I had to physically restrain myself from ordering it immediately. I have the feeling that I’ll be ordering it very, very soon, though. Thanks for enlightening me. (love your blog)
    (ms) cory raymond from “south Austin” (really McAllen)!

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