For Those Hungry for More Poetry

(As if the news wasn’t enough.)

I’m becoming more enveloped in reading poetry these days.

My reading and writing alternate with the seasons, perhaps, and these days I’m beginning to enter a new period of furiously searching, finding, and falling in love with new poets.

I have the Internet to thank for this obsession. I simply have to open a browser, go to only one or two of my frequented poetry blogs, and the witch hunt begins.

I click and bounce from blog to blog, site to site, promoting and oozing with poetry.

Who are many of these poets? I don’t know. Do I even like all of the poetry I read? Probably not.

But I should know what is going on out there, what people are writing, and what others are saying about what they are writing, right?

It’s beautiful, and I’m so excited that I have to share my findings with everyone.

Hello, Absurd World and My Soul Is a Butterfly

Hannah Miet. I don’t know her. I found her through the inner workings of Twitter. Her work is sweet at times, frequently brutalist, I feel. I dig her tight verse. She has two blogs: one of poetry and one of prose. Hannah, who are you? I love you. One of my recent favorites: Milk on the Rocks.

Saeed Jones

According to his blog, for southern boys who consider poetry, Saeed is an MFA student in creative writing at Rutgers. I came across his blog, again, through Twitter, and I love that his blog is about being a writer.

Full of interviews, suggested reading lists, and so many links to poetry and literature blogs, I think I may drown in all the excitement. I recently picked up my first items from his 2010 reading list: Aimee Bender’s Willful Creatures and An Invisible Sign of My Own.

Willful Creaturesaimee bender

Dulcetly/dancing girl press/Kristy Bowen

All wrapped into one with embellishments that scream simplicity. Kristy Bowen is a Chicago poet with a love for paper, vintage, and thing DIY. She started dancing girl press, which publishes chapbooks to promote the work of women poets.

I’m seriously impressed by her breadth: more than 50 titles (all handmade editions), an Etsy shop to sell little cutsies and antiques, and a blog, dulcetly, to chronicle her process and activities. Reading her blog has thrown me into a frenzy of poetry and inspiration to get Bird Fly Good up and running.

Thank you, Cindy St. John, for publishing your chapbook with dancing girl press. I would have never found this without you.

I’m overflowing with poetry here, people. But I still need more.



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3 responses to “For Those Hungry for More Poetry

  1. corysown

    If you’re still hungry, check out my blog: Maybe you’ll like it.

  2. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much I needed this today.

    And, yes, I googled myself. Guilty.

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