Resolutions: Because Everyone Else Is Doing It

Where has my blogging life been? Nonexistent. I’ve been swamped with other duties including holiday dinners, transitioning to a somewhat-vegan diet, and figuring out what 2010 is going to be all about. I’ve also been trying to figure out how to stay warm. Texans aren’t used to such wind chills and 37 degree highs. I’ll be damned if I move to any cold weather climate and have to stay there.

I’d become a marshmallow. This is me on a wintery day in Austin with a snow flake, circa 2007:

Onto the resolutions:

In the past, I’ve simply made the resolutions, completely forgotten about them, and spent the month of December trying to remember what the old resolutions were before I attempt to set new ones for the following year. It’s a vicious cycle.

In 2009 I made a resolution to break that nasty habit, and it began by simply writing the resolutions down in the little January 1 box on my calendar. This way I wouldn’t forget about them for at least the first month of the year.

Well believe it or not, I actually finished all of my 2009 resolutions by the end of the year! I feel tired.

2009 Resolution Recap:

#1. Run a 10k. I set this resolution as an effort to get into shape. I’ve never been a runner. Watching me run miles in high school was like watching the clouds move, maybe slower. But last year I really wanted to run the Cap 10k, and I did! I liked it so much that I decided to run another one, the Texas Round-Up. I haven’t run more than a mile since then, but that’s okay.

#2. Take a bookmaking class. Thanks to the wonderful Beth at the WonderCraft, I learned how to make accordion books and flag books and several kinds of bookbinding stitches.

#3. Write 20 new pages of poetry. I wouldn’t say I have 20 awesomely spankin’ new pages of poetry. More like 20 pages of poetry to keep the creative juices flowing. I met and worked with a lot of Austin poets in 2009 and their input, skills, and kindness has been a huge inspiration for me moving into 2010.

#4. Make a chapbook. I made this resolution not thinking it would actually pan out, but it randomly did in December! I started working with a small group of talented screenwriters, poets, and fiction writers at UT called RIOT Ink and I helped them make a chapbook, called Maker, to feature everyone’s writing.

After a successful run with resolutions in 2009, I decided to make a few for 2010 … but only a few:

#1. Start a small poetry journal. I figured this would be a great way to mend my new bookmaking skills with my love for poetry into a cohesive medium. It will also be a great way to circulate work from Austin writers and poets who have read in Austin and had a creative influence on the community. Bird Fly Good will feature cover art and design by the talented artist and my childhood BFF Katie Daly, and new work from many of my favorite poets. I’m shooting to have the first issue out by the end of April. I’ll be posting more tid-bits and what-nots on the project as things progress.

#2. Do not buy anything new for as long as possible. My last post touched on the culture of consumerism and The Compact – a group of regular people, like you and me, living in San Francisco who vowed to buy nothing new for one year, flee the consumer grid with the exception of food, drink, health, and safety necessities. I had originally aimed to cease from buying anything new for one year, but I think it’s wiser to aim for one month at a time. Four days into January and I’m still going strong.

#3. Be a stellar godmother. I’m super excited about this one. My aunt has asked me to be the godmother of her new baby girl, Skyler. This is kind of a big deal on my mother’s side of the family. It comes with responsibility and honor, but mostly love. I can’t wait to help nurture and guide Skyler in this world, which can be kind of a scary place sometimes. Besides, this may be the closest thing I’ll ever have to a child of my own. I shall treat her as such.

Baby Skyler

#4. Be happier in general. I need to stop letting things bother and upset me. I want to stop worrying all the time about all of the plausible things that could happen, affect, or kill me. I want to stop getting so sad when things don’t go my way. I don’t have a real plan for achieving all this yet, just to be more conscious of it every day.

As for Austin happenings, it’s all about Free Week these days. Get your groove on.



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