Bad Blogger, Bad

I haven’t been the best of bloggers over the last few days. But I’m sure you’re still getting all your daily tid-bits and what-nots from bloggers who are more on top of things.

Until I decide to get my own what-nots back in order (only a few more days now, I’m sure), I’d like to share a recent blog discovery:

Enter cats.

Web sites full of pictures of cats doing incredibly cute or awkward things with funny captions and strange misspellings attached are starting to make a splash. Take LOLcatz or or I Can Haz Cheeszburger. All great online sources of laughter and hilarity.

None of these sites are the actual new discovery, but proof of the captioned cat photo trend. The latest is “Cute Captioned Cats” – a blog written by a 10-year-old kid about funny pictures, not just photos, of cats.

I’m digging this blog a lot and I hope the young blogger will continue to make me laugh and hyperventilate with laughter by writing cute captions for cats.



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3 responses to “Bad Blogger, Bad

  1. WOW! I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard my mom tell this post. I thank you SO much for spreading my one and only blog around. Currently, I have the flu so I am staying away from my computer to not spread germs on it so my mom won’t get it.I am still thanking you for making this post, and I hope you have a wonderful day. Bye!

  2. Cute Captioned Cats blogger – you are AMAZING! And so funny!! Please keep up the good work. I love your pictures and your commentary. Just bookmarked your blog on my web browser, so I can come back again and again!

    Great find, Jen. 🙂

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