Bookmaking with The WonderCraft Part 2/3: The Flag Book

This week in Part 2 of The WonderCraft bookmaking series we made flag books. These gorgeous art books serve as wonderful centerpieces for a coffee table or an interesting wall hanging. I especially love making these books because it’s a great way to make use of old art cards or greeting cards.

The process is simple using these instructions. All you need is sketch paper for the accordion spine, card stock for the covers, glue, and pieces for the flags. I used an old Interview magazine cover for my first book. Now, I’m not obsessed with Zac Efron or anything. I just kept this cover because I loved the design and colors, and this flag book was a great opportunity to use the artsy cover for something crafty.

zac-efron-interview-magazine-april-2009Zac Efron Flag Book

Zac Efron Flag Book

I also had a lot of McSweeney’s art cards lying around. I never knew what to do with these things because they are too strange-looking to send out as postcards, but they are perfect for mini flag books. I took one of my favorites of bugs and beetles and cut it into flags for my book.

McSweeney's flag book

McSweeney's flag book

Now get crafty and dig up some old greeting cards or posters and make some snazzy flag books. I’d also love to hear if you have any other bookmaking ideas or tips.

flag books


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