Second Annual Dogtoberfest at the Domain – Saturday 10/24

I’m posting this a wee bit late, but if you were planning on being a couch potato tomorrow morning/early afternoon with your dog, scratch that plan and go to Dogtoberfest at the Domain from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sure this may seem like a family fun-filled event, but really it’s a chance to oogle at cute dogs and puppies.


The event is free, but all proceeds from food and activities go to Austin area dog rescue groups.

Activities include a costume contest, grooming demonstrations by Groomingdales, dog portraits in the Neiman Marcus dog photo booth (what they hay?), a silent auction, and much more.

Now as for Simon’s costume, we were thinking of letting him go as a few different things – a panda bear, Snoopy, or a sausage – and entering him in the cutest/most versatile costume category. Which do you think?





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4 responses to “Second Annual Dogtoberfest at the Domain – Saturday 10/24

  1. julie roush


  2. Damn. I can’t believe it. My Boxer will be so disappointed when her friends tell her about this one.

  3. birdflygood

    Or should I say, “Next Dogtober!”

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