Gourdough’s: The Fattest Donuts in Town

I’m having an affair and it’s with a bunch of donuts. Don’t worry about my boyfriend; he knows all about it. In fact, he’s having the exact same affair. We’ve both found the second love of our lives: its name is Gourdough’s and it lives in an Airstream trailer off South Lamar.

Gourdough's Donuts

Gourdough's Donuts


Gourdough's - Big. Fat. Donuts. Yes.

We’ve always been donuts’ biggest fans from the Shipley’s, Dunkin’s, and Krispy Kremes to the more local Ken’s, Round Rock, and Mrs. Johnson’s. They are all perfect in their own sweet and delicious ways.

But Austin likes to mix things up with new food ventures, and the new thing seems to be these made-to-order-style places out of Airstream trailers. I think this started with Flip Happy Crepes off Barton Springs Road – delicious, handmade crepes that were featured on the Food Network with Bobby Flay.

Next up is Gourdough’s – the made-to-order donut trailer joint that made me even more wild for donuts after I tried them. Gourdough’s donuts are big (enormous, really) and more like a tasty and extremely sweet dessert or entree rather than a Sunday morning treat you’d pick up by the dozen. These puppies are intense with flavor no matter which kind you get. Gourdough’s has a multitude of choices for every donut-lover, or just eater in general.

The wonder opened just two weeks ago in an empty lot full of tables, chairs, and a drive-in movie screen. This way I was able to quietly watch Looney Toons and a claymation version of Frankenstein while the chef hustled to make my delicately embellished donuts.

The Blue Balls

The Blue Balls

I am in love with anything blueberry, and the “Blue Balls” were my favorite Gourdough’s menu item: donut holes with blueberry filling and blue icing. Sweet, moist, and easy to eat.

Razzle Dazzle

Razzle Dazzle

Next up was the “Razzle Dazzle” with raspberry filling and fudge icing, which looked more like a giant moon pie with raspberry goo.

The Mother Clucker

The Mother Clucker

Gourdough’s also serves the savory, meaty donut. We tried the “Mother Clucker” with fried chicken strips and honey butter “icing,” so really it was more like a fat chicken biscuit with the biscuit on the inside.

The Funky Monkey

The Funky Monkey

And as if three weren’t enough, we had to get the Funky Monkey to finish out the night: grilled bananas and cream cheese icing with a brown sugar baste.

Yes, the donuts are delicious and a heart attack waiting to happen, but well worth it at $3.25 a pop ($4.25 for the meaty ones), especially late-night after catching a flick at Alamo Drafthouse or drinking at Saxon Pub across the street.

Oh, and the second best part about Gourdough’s is the hours: open daily from 12 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Enjoy and report back!

1219 South Lamar Blvd.
Austin, TX 78704



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8 responses to “Gourdough’s: The Fattest Donuts in Town

  1. So THAT’S what you were talking about this morning… I ❤ donuts. I'm checking this place out.

  2. birdflygood

    Excellent! Let me know what you think!

  3. Whoa – great minds think alike, girl! I blogged about this today, then added you to my blogroll, THEN a friend forwarded me your Austin Post story and THEN I see it came from your lovely blog!!

    Well-done. 🙂 This is a marvelous local food find.

  4. julie roush

    sounds great!!! kind of like the crepe trailer where you and kyle met. better than round rock donuts…???

  5. birdflygood

    Hmmm, better in a sort of fattening way. Round Rock is the ultimate “donut donut” like real Sunday morning donuts. Gourdough’s is the like the true dessert fix in donut form.

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  7. emiliekopp

    What the what?!? Did you actually try all of those delicious dishes in one sitting? My stomach says yes but my arteries say no.
    I want to go to there.

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