What’s the Next Halloween Costume Trend?

Ah, Halloween. The one day of the year, or weekend if you live in places like Austin, when we’re actually allowed to pretend to be something we’re not. For a few of us that “something” may be a celebrity or a scantily dressed something or other. Last year I showed up as a bushel of purple grapes, but I called myself “Fruit of the Loom.”

Dare I post a photo …

Fruit of the Loom

I’ve seen some Halloween enthusiasts think of more out-of-the-box costumes, but many tend to dress up in more trending outfits. When I was wee one, it was all about the Power Rangers and every third grader in Southlake, Texas, planned on being one for Halloween. That means I desperately wanted to be a Power Ranger for Halloween. So my little sister and I scrounged up the last two pink Power Ranger costumes in the store and pranced around the neighborhood collecting candy and showing off our fresh Power Ranger poses.

Last year I saw a lot of lucha libre wrestlers in shiny face masks and body suits in addition to a fair amount of suited-up Sarah Palins and Barack Obamas. The year before that there was an abundance of Amy Winehouse lookalikes with over-the-top jet-black beehives, bad tattoos, and questionable teeth. Then there’s always the fan favorite – characters from the unforgettable Wes Anderson film, The Royal Tenenbaums.

Now answer me this – what will be the trending Halloween costumes for 2009? Is it going to be Edward and Bella? Rollergirls? Or better yet – Michael Jackson?


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