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Texas Book Festival (10/31 and 11/1) – Bird Fly Good Recommends Panels, Exhibitors, and Music

I’m all about books these days, especially making them. But I also love reading them. I’m the kind of reader and book lover that falls head over heels for an author just because I’ve fallen in love with his or her writing.

Every year the Texas Book Festival brings hundreds of authors to the state capitol so that book lovers and book people can oogle and go ga-ga over some of their favorite authors. I’ll be at the festival as a volunteer at the Harry Ransom Center exhibitor booth. Stop by if you want to learn all about our current and future projects, or grab a snazzy Edgar Allan Poe button in honor of our current exhibition. Continue reading



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Bookmaking with The WonderCraft Part 2/3: The Flag Book

This week in Part 2 of The WonderCraft bookmaking series we made flag books. These gorgeous art books serve as wonderful centerpieces for a coffee table or an interesting wall hanging. I especially love making these books because it’s a great way to make use of old art cards or greeting cards. Continue reading

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Second Annual Dogtoberfest at the Domain – Saturday 10/24

I’m posting this a wee bit late, but if you were planning on being a couch potato tomorrow morning/early afternoon with your dog, scratch that plan and go to Dogtoberfest at the Domain from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sure this may seem like a family fun-filled event, but really it’s a chance to oogle at cute dogs and puppies.


The event is free, but all proceeds from food and activities go to Austin area dog rescue groups.

Activities include a costume contest, grooming demonstrations by Groomingdales, dog portraits in the Neiman Marcus dog photo booth (what they hay?), a silent auction, and much more.

Now as for Simon’s costume, we were thinking of letting him go as a few different things – a panda bear, Snoopy, or a sausage – and entering him in the cutest/most versatile costume category. Which do you think?




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Six Good Reasons to Love a Vegan

I am not a vegan. I have flirted with the idea and I know a lot of hardcore meaters who used to be vegan, but the decision to cut out meat products entirely from one’s lifestyle should be a personal decision on it’s own.

My main motivation to go vegan would be the health benefits. All that really means is cutting out the opportunities to eat stuff that makes me fat like ice cream, grilled cheese, donuts, and cake balls. However, I’ve read a lot about vitamin and mineral deficiencies in poorly planned vegan diets, which sounds not so healthy.

So, because I am not a very good meal planner and I have a serious affection for cheese and eggs, I continue to eat animal products and wear leather while loving every second of it. Continue reading


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Bookmaking with The WonderCraft Part 1/3: The Accordion

I think I’m lucky to live in such a crafty town. Austin is jam-packed with musicians, writers, designers, and artists of all trades. I’ve  been especially fascinated by the art of bookmaking ever since Scott Pierce of Effing Press, a local and private printing press downtown, came to one of my poetry classes to speak about small presses and short-run publishing. He emphasized that bookmaking is hard, especially when you only have two hands. But I’m still a big fan of the beauty and craftsmanship that comes with a handmade book or journal.

So in order to enhance my bookmaking skills, I enrolled in a three-part class hosted and taught by The WonderCraft, an Austin-based mobile craft studio that offers an extreme variety of classes and crafting parties. You can also find these ladies at events around Austin where they demo “make and take” projects like at the Austin HandmadeBeard Folks” event last weekend.

Accordion Book

Accordion Book

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Gourdough’s: The Fattest Donuts in Town

I’m having an affair and it’s with a bunch of donuts. Don’t worry about my boyfriend; he knows all about it. In fact, he’s having the exact same affair. We’ve both found the second love of our lives: its name is Gourdough’s and it lives in an Airstream trailer off South Lamar.

Gourdough's Donuts

Gourdough's Donuts

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What’s the Next Halloween Costume Trend?

Ah, Halloween. The one day of the year, or weekend if you live in places like Austin, when we’re actually allowed to pretend to be something we’re not. For a few of us that “something” may be a celebrity or a scantily dressed something or other. Last year I showed up as a bushel of purple grapes, but I called myself “Fruit of the Loom.”

Dare I post a photo … Continue reading

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