Shopping for Babies in Austin

No, I am not looking to buy a baby. I just got invited to my first baby shower. Ack. Just the “my first baby” part of the sentence freaks me out. Don’t get me wrong. I looove babies. Love, love, lurve them. I especially love the idea of other people’s babies because a) I don’t have to raise them, b) they are usually giggly and happy to see me because all I can do is act like a moron for them, and c) I am completely oblivious to the woes of being a parent. I totally get the idea that one of the many reasons couples decide to have children is to raise a family and spread all of their love and joy. But then I think about what my parents went through raising me and my sisters. While it was mostly loving, I can’t imagine how hard it must have been for them to start living their lives for other people, people a lot smaller and weaker.

But a friend of mine is having her first child, a little girl, and I am sure she is going to be one of the most loved little girls in the world of screaming infants. And I can already tell by the cute baby shower invitations that she is going to be a chic little baby with cute baby things all over the place like cute clothes, cute diapers, and cute baby gadgets for mommies.

Baby Shower Invitation - Photo Courtesy of

"A Little Lady Is on Her Way" Baby Shower Invitation - Photo Courtesy of

So where does a baby shower invitee who has never had children nor been to a baby shower shop for babies? The invitation showed that they were registered at Babies R Us, but surely there are less commercial baby stores around here, especially in a place like Austin. I knew there had to be something, like a completely green, Eco-fashion baby store, kind of like the Whole Foods of baby stuff. Then there had to be some kind chic, fancy baby baby store where they sell baby Burberry and Toms for toddlers. Not that I was looking for these places because I can afford to shop there; I just like to know my options. And, believe it or not, Austin gives new mommies several places to look when shopping for a newborn. I can already tell just by browsing the Web sites that it’s a good idea to price compare because, man, baby stuff is uber-expensive.

Austin Baby
A cute, South Austin baby boutique that sells natural baby products. They strive to offer an alternative to the mass-produced merchandise sold in baby megastores. Austin Baby also has a great Web site with a blog and info on new mommy classes.

701 S Lamar Blvd
Austin, TX 78704
(512) 448-0118

Wildflower Organics
With a green/organic philosophy and asone of the largest retailers of natural mattresses on in Texas, Wildflower Organics is located in the heart of downtown Austin and offers high-end furniture, accessories, and natural baby products.

Babyland from Wildflower Organics

Babes in Babyland from Wildflower Organics

908 North Lamar
Austin TX 78703
(512) 320-0449

Baby Coco
This one was probably my favorite with the custom furniture and fabric offerings “that celebrate your child’s individuality and your fine taste.” Snazzy.

Chic Baby Crib from Baby Coco

Chic Baby Crib from Baby Coco

1515-B West 35 th Street
Austin, Texas 78703
(512) 377.2626

After browsing a bit, this stuff may look overpriced. Truthfully, a lot of it isn’t. That’s just how much baby stuff costs. It all depends on how stylish you want your baby to be. But we shouldn’t kid ourselves here – babies will never remember how cool they looked as an infant so save yourself some cash and go for comfortable and practical items.

Babies R Us
It continues to be the all-in-one baby superstore, and it happens to be where my friend registered for her baby shower. I felt bad that I couldn’t get that $400 jogging stroller or the $279 breast pump kit. So I settled with something quaint, useful, and that will look really cute on her and the baby.

Moby Wrap Carrier

Moby Wrap Carrier

I’ve heard these things are great, but I’ve also heard that they can be a pain if you don’t know how to wear it because it is essentially a giant piece of cloth that you get to wrap around your body. Well, my friend registered for it and I like it, so she’s getting it.

How do you congratulate someone who’s having a baby, aside from the one-word, almost too easy “Congrats”? “Happy Baby Shower?” “Happy Baby Having?”

9333 Research Blvd # A200
Austin, TX 78759-7385
(512) 342-0805


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