It’s Never Too Early for a Redesign

I realize that I am new to this whole blogging thing. But I’ve been doing my research, reading blogs about blogging, and I think I’ve learned a thing or two. It turns out I’ve been doing some things right, but just as many things wrong like with the design of my blog. So I’m opting for a redesign and here’s why:

Readability. When I first started this thing, it was very tempting to choose a snazzy looking theme for my blog. I wanted bright colors, cool graphics, and lots and lots of stuff on the page. But, as a reader, all of these elements aren’t the most inviting. I ended up choosing what we have all been looking at for the last month, and that was a simple black background with a light-colored font. The designer in me thought this looked good and inviting for readers when it really just strains the eyes. We aren’t used to reading this way. In fact, we are used to the exact opposite: white background with black font. Now I look back at all the blogs I read on a regular basis (check out my blogroll) and notice that they all have simple backgrounds, an easy-to-read layout, and a friendly typeface.

So, because you are the one reading Bird Fly Good and I care about what you think, comment and tell me how you want to read it. Do you prefer reading the white text on the retro black, or something simpler like this clean and easy background with black font and bold lines? I think my eyes are partial to the new look …



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2 responses to “It’s Never Too Early for a Redesign

  1. Auntie Janet

    Jen-I am SO happy about the new design. In fact, I had shy ed away from reading your blog b/c I found the black background hard to read! Yeah!

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