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Today I begin my blog called Bird Fly Good. You can find a short explanation as to why I chose to name my blog Bird Fly Good in the About Bird Fly Good section. (Are you tired of saying that yet?) If you are absolutely dying to know the full story of the name, don’t worry; I’m saving that for a future blog post.

But I would like to give an overall welcome to my blog and thanks for taking the time to read my blog. This is something I have been wanting to start for a long time and I have finally gotten the itch and urge to just write. The topics on this blog range from all spectrums. When I actually started my WordPress account, I thought this would be a travel or poetry or food blog. Now, four months later, I’ve decided start a blog about all three and then some. I like writing about all sorts of experiences and I’m using this channel to dive a little deeper into some of these topics and share a little bit about what I’ve learned, hopefully in a humorous and entertaining way.

Some recurring themes you might encounter in my future blog posts:

  1. My new puppy, Simon: My boyfriend and partner, Kyle, surprised me with a puppy for my birthday this year. Simon is a sweet and loving miniature poodle. He is a parti poodle, meaning his coat is pure white and with deep black spots. He has the sweetest face and I am sure he will be a popular topic for future posts because this is the first creature I have ever cared and been responsible for. Plus, he is a puppy and puppies always makes for interesting stories that have to be told.
  2. Food: Food and cooking in general are two topics that I have finally learned to appreciate within the last two to three years. Throughout college I bounced from omnivore to pescatarian to lacto-ovo-vegetarian and back again. I have returned to eating meat in all forms with the exception of beef and pork, but the idea of veganism and raw food diets continue to fascinate me. And as for cooking, I have never been able to do much of it … until now! I love baking: cookies, cakes, and pastries (oh, my!) It has definitely become a wonderful hobby and I think my experiences cooking, hopefully all positive, will become topics of future posts. Just think … tantalizing words about lemon butter cookies, banana peanut butter cupcakes, and bread. In the event that I don’t feel like writing about cooking, there is always Miles of Chocolate.
  3. Music: I live in a land of music. Not just because I live in Austin, the music capital of the world and home to the largest music, film, and interactive conference in the world, South by Southwest, but because I am a general fan of music and my boyfriend is the bass player in three very active local bands. We go to shows a lot and we often have an interesting time. So, these posts should be pretty interesting too.
  4. Places: Do you care about where I go on a daily basis? Probably not, but if I particularly love or hate a place, whether it be a restaurant, park, party, or store, I will probably find the urge to write about it. If you work for or own an institution that could be defined by the last few items mentioned, don’t worry, I rarely hate places, and if I do it’s for good reason in my opinion. I will never bash a place just for kicks.

That seems like a pretty hefty list to start. I also look forward to posting photos and videos any chance I get. And your comments are always appreciated.

Just to get things started, here is a photo of Simon:



and another:

Simon loves close ups

Simon loves close ups



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3 responses to “A Girl and Her Blog

  1. julie roush

    Absolutely wonderful blog!!!! I’m so proud of you jennifer!! love you, mom

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  3. julie roush

    sweet puppy! it’s good to see those precious eyes….give him a hug from grandma!

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